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resilient regenerative farms

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Everything you need to learn about Regenerative Agriculture

Background Knowledge

The foundational information you need to learn about regenerative agriculture principles.

Practical Skills

Learn about practices to advance your farm, build soil, manage water and control pests and diseases.


Share your expertise and experience with the community so we can collaboratively tackle the road to a regenerative future.

Community Exchange

Our open source network of consultants, farmers, and experts help you find answers to your questions.

Monthly Skill Exchanges And Expert Panels

Experts from around the globe share their knowledge with our community

Ray Archuleta

Expert Panels

For our monthly Expert Panels we invite world-renowned consultants, practitioners and researchers. In them we talk about a wide variety of regenerative agriculture topics and connect you with our growing community. Expert panels are open to the public.

Harriet Mella

Skill Exchanges

We listen closely to the growing Climate Farmers community. Many of our farmers expressed a wish for more knowledge exchange between farmers and experts. To accommodate this wish we’ve set up bi-weekly Skill Exchanges – online sessions in which we dive deeply into regenerative farming topics. Skill Exchanges are exclusive to our community of farmers.

The Climate Farmers Pioneer Programm

Learn from pioneers to be a pioneer

This course will equip you with …

  • A transition to a more profitable and resilient way of farming
  • A proven, pragmatic, and scalable approach to building a regenerative business enterprise
  • Personalized transition journey support
  • A local expert to guide you through the process
  • A curious and committed community of European farmers going through the same process
  • Data to get valuable insights into your soil health
  • The opportunity to apply for Climate Farmers Transition Financing

Also included in the course

To support you on your path to regeneration

Skill Exchange Sessions

Personalized Guidance

Support Tools

Ongoing Resources

»Since I am applying regenerative techniques, I have increased the number and diversity of animal species in the farm and my profit increased. I observe better soil health and biodiversity on my farm too. I also welcome journalists and visitors and started selling quality products to butchers and chefs in Lisbon including a Michelin star restaurant.«

Francisco Alves

Porcus Natura, 700 ha farmer in Alentejo, Portugal

You’re perfect for this course if …

This course is not for everybody

You’re a European farmer

And ready to transition to profitable, resilient, and regenerative farming.

You have an open mind

And want to leverage the power of nature, instead of fighting against it

You honor your land

And want to learn new skills to be a good steward of your generational heritage

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