Become Ambassador

Climate Farmers Ambassadors are knowledgeable and motivated individuals who have been selected for their commitment to advancing regenerative agricultural practices and access to quality information.

Their deep knowledge of the local farming context and strong connections with agricultural networks enable them to understand the needs of farmers and connect them with the right instruments from the Climate Farmers platform.

What does an ambassador do?

They coordinate online panel discussions, skill-building calls, and regional events that connect regenerative farmers and contributors in their countries and local language. Through their knowledge of ecological farm and landscape management and connections in the agricultural community, they assist the exchange of information and support within their country or region.

What is the difference between a Consultant and an Ambassador?

While Ambassadors may also be consultants, educators, or designers, they play a crucial role in the Climate Farmers community in that they build the bridges between farmers in their region.

Climate Farmers Consultants are third-party individuals who collaborate with Climate Farmers to help our community of farmers to define their context and implement best practices. 

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