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Creating the best performing ecosystem monitoring tool

Together we can speed up regeneration!

Be part of a striving and inspiring tech community that seeks ecosystem regeneration on scale. You will join a community of experts, talents, and enthusiasts that all follow the same goal: Active environmental and climate impact.

Together we will create the best performing ecosystem monitoring tool to assess soil and ecosystem health. The tool is based on soil dynamic models, remote sensing technologies and ground-truth data. We will monitor, report and validate external impacts on ecosystems. Currently, monitoring is time- and cost-intensive – together with you and the community we will use satellite imagery to make this process more efficient and accurate to solve these problems.

On this Page you will find information on how to join us and how to start collaborating.

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Five simple steps to become
a part of the community:

Fill out the survey: Take 3 minutes to share your interests and skills with us.

Join our Slack community and introduce yourself: Join us and take a moment to tell us about yourself in the introduction chanel.

Introduce yourself at our Welcome Calls: We organize bi-weekly Welcome Calls to open up a room for new members, to get to know each other, find collaborations, and answer questions. Go on Slack to get more information about these calls.

Explore our Notion Page: We use Notion for our internal project management and organisation, to document our work and to create a knowledge hub for remote sensing applic. Join or start a new working group: You can find our Climate Farmers Remote Sensing Roadmap here. Assign yourself to either a supportive role or take more action and coordinate a team around you and your task.

Start contributing in GitHub: Follow what we do on GitHub and open pull requests for your contribution.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us!

Feel free to contact us via email.