The most thorough pathway on your way to regeneration

 Application deadline: November, 5th


A 360°-approach to set you up for success

 The Climate Farmers Pioneer Program is a 14-week immersive training program that fully equips you for a successful transition to the regenerative management of your farm.  

 We will guide you through all the essential elements to consider for your farm ecology and business design/redesign. This program is the most complete regenerative agriculture transition program for large farms in Europa.

We are excited to run the Pioneer Program together with the Regrarians’ REX course as a backbone.

On top of the deep knowledge you will gain through the REX program, you will get a personalized program, access to exclusive expert sessions and the most active regenerative farmer community in Europe. The Climate Farmers Pioneer Program helps you apply the learnings to your specific farm context.

»The way Climate Farmers work made me curious to find out more. The Pioneer Program is a way to get results in the shortest possible way. I recommend the program to all my fellow farmers!«

Francisco Alves

Porcus Natura, 700 ha farmer in Alentejo, Portugal


A highly comprehensive, personalized and contextual regenerative farm plan

  • You will define your unique context, the specific needs, wants, resources, and more unique to your farm, family, and business.  You’ll receive training in big-picture decision making and monitoring of your farm management
  • You will create a complete farm design based on the expanded version of the Regrarians’ Scale of Permanence
  • You will create regenerative farm maps using the Regrarians mapping service
  • You will receive coaching on holistic financial management and business plans for your farm business
  • If you are eligible, you will have completed and submitted a Carbon+ Credit application (see below)

»If I had had what I have now with the Pioneer Group, I would have done the transition to regenerative agriculture 3 years ago! The Skill Exchange was like honey you could suck up. Everybody has a common
goal and I felt really welcomed.«

Dobimar von Niebelschütz

Gut Cambs, 700 ha farmer, Germany

Regenerative agriculture is not for everybody.

This course is perfect for you if …


  • You’re deeply committed to a gradual but strategic transition of your farm operation towards resilience and profitability
  • You have an open mind ready to deep-dive into this program
  • You are a European farmer
  • You do not need previous knowledge of regenerative agriculture to enroll for this program

    This course is not for you if …


    • You’re not fully committed to your regenerative transition
    • You already have a plan and are convinced of it 
    • You’re not planning on applying your learnings to your farm 
    • You expect to turn on videos and lay back while you watch them


      For only 2.000€ you get:

      The Regrarians REX 14-week training

      11 group coaching sessions to deepen your knowledge

      1-on-1 consulting sessions with leading experts

      Climate Farmers Carbon+ program eligibility

      Access to the Regrarians Workplace community of like-minded farmers

      Bi-weekly Skill Exchange sessions and monthly Expert Panels

      Access to the Climate Farmers community of European farmers in transition like you

      Access to the Regrarians Workplace community of like-minded farmers

      Bi-weekly Skill Exchange sessions and monthly Expert Panels

      Access to the Climate Farmers community of European farmers in transition like you


      Extremely hands-on and tailored to the context of your farming business

      Nov 19, 2021

      Week 1

      Holistic Context® for Farm Planning
      Introduction to the Carbon+ program eligibility module and coaching

      Nov 26, 2021

      Week 2

      Holistic Context® for Farm Planning
      Introduction to the Carbon+ program eligibility module and coaching

      Dec 3, 2021

      Week 3

      Holistic Context® Development
      Coaching session and worksheet

      Dec 10, 2021

      Week 4

      Farm Map & The Keyline® Plan
      Coaching session

      Dec 17, 2021

      Week 5

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #2: Geography – Farm Site Analysis
      Coaching session and farm data worksheets

      Week 6

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #3: Water Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 7

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #4: Access Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 8

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #5: Forestry Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 9

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #6: Buildings Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 10

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #7: Fencing Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 11

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #8: Soils Layer
      Coaching session

      Week 12

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #9: Economy Layer
      Coaching session and financial planning worksheets

      Week 13

      Keyline® Scale of Permanence #10: Energy Layer
      Coaching session and instructions for submission of the Carbon+ application


      To amplify and solidify your knowledge

      From the third week onwards, you will receive weekly group coaching sessions with our in-house expert and experienced moderator, Oliver Goshey.

      These coaching sessions will deepen your understanding of the course materials and help you apply them to your specific farm context.


      With world-renowned experts

      Towards the end of the program, we will match you with a consultant that fits your farming context and has experience with the specific challenges you’re facing. 

      As part of the program, you have a budget that you can spend on individual coaching with your preferred consultant. 

      Some of the world-renowned consultants in our network

      Ray Archuleta

      Ray, whom you’ll know from the Kiss The Ground documentary, has more than 30 years of experience as a Soil Conservationist. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and the founder of Understanding Ag and the Soil Health Academy.

      Harriet Mella

      ​​Harriet is an independent researcher known for her work uncovering the unexplained phenomena of plant growth and development. She is a true luminary when it comes to building healthy and rich soil.

      Mark Shepard

      Mark is most widely known for being the founder of New Forest Farm. A perennial agriculture savanna considered by many to be the most ambitious regenerative agriculture project in the US. Mark is also an award-winning author of books like Restoration Agriculture.


      A financial instrument to de-risk your farm transition to a regenerative system

      • Carbon+ Credits are created by farming projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere by storing it in soil, as well as create additional benefits to ecosystems.
      • Additional ecological benefits include soil health, biodiversity, water quality, and ecosystem health as a whole.
      • Carbon+ Credits support farmers in financing their transition to regenerative agriculture by covering investment costs at the beginning of their project. A condition for Carbon+ Credits is a genuine personal commitment to the long-term application of regenerative land management practices.
      • Climate Farmers measures the changes in ecosystem health to enable farmers to sell high-quality Carbon+ Credits and through them, finance the transition to regenerative practices.

      This Carbon+ program is for you if …

      • You’re committed to managing your land and business regeneratively in the long term. “Regeneratively” means developing the holistic health of the environment, people, and economy of your operation
      • You manage 50 hectares or more of land that are under active production (food, fiber, or otherwise) over the long term
      • You want assistance in verifying and quantifying the regenerative effect of your land management
      • You’re looking for financial assistance during the development or transition of regenerative production methods on your land

      This Carbon+ program is not for you if …

      • Your farming land is smaller than 50 hectares
      • You don’t own the land you farm on and are not sure whether you can commit to applying regenerative agriculture permanently
      • You are not committed to the health of your land, business and personal life in the long term
      • You’re looking for a quick payout 
      • You’re already being assisted financially through another carbon credit or ecological service program


      Experts from around the globe share their knowledge with our community

      Ray Archuleta

      Expert Panels

      For our monthly Expert Panels we invite world-renowned consultants, practitioners and researchers. In them we talk about a wide variety of regenerative agriculture topics and connect you with our growing community. Expert panels are open to the public.

      Harriet Mella

      Skill Exchanges

      We listen closely to the growing Climate Farmers community. Many of our farmers expressed a wish for more knowledge exchange between farmers and experts. To accommodate this wish we’ve set up bi-weekly Skill Exchanges – online sessions in which we dive deeply into regenerative farming topics. Skill Exchanges are exclusive to our community of farmers.


      A powerful community for exchange and peer-to-peer support

      Included in this program is access to the Regrarians Workplace.

      An unprecedented community to gather feedback, exchange knowledge and connect with regenerative agriculture peers worldwide.

      Do you have questions?

      Feel free to contact us!

      Feel free to contact us via email.