Helle Bauer

Jasper de Wit

Jasper de Wit
Helle Bauer

Höxter, Germany


2 hectares

Type of farm

Market garden


Supplying 90 Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) boxes of vegetables and fruits weekly – plums, cherries, apples, peaches, quinces & more

Sales channels

Direct marketing

Contact information

How it started

Jasper grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland. He didn’t expect to return to the field until he stumbled upon permaculture through an internship. Later, he launched Helle Bauer with his partner Anna and hasn’t looked back since.

The regenerative transition

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry

No chemical inputs

Residue management Icon

Organic matter application

Climate Farmers Icon holistic grazing

Rotational grazing with chickens

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry


No-till /minimum till


Transition start date


We wanted to make Helle Bauer a living example of the implementation of regenerative ideas in agriculture. We wanted to go beyond the idea of sustainability, to improve soil fertility, increase diversity and have a positive impact.”

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