Helle Bauer

Market gardening farm with agroforestry and permaculture 

Jasper de Wit

Höxter, Germany


Supplying 90 Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) boxes of vegetables and fruits weekly – plums, cherries, apples, peaches, quinces & more.



Market Gardening farm in North Rhine-Westphalia that uses agroforestry and permaculture methods for sustainably intensifying production.

How everything started

Jasper ended up unexpectedly in farming. Having grown up on a farm in Northern Ireland, he never would have thought he would return to farming in the future, until he stumbled upon permaculture though an internship.

 At some point Jasper decided to move to the German countryside for his love Anna. And as soon as they saw an opportunity to acquire their own plot of land he at once came back to farming. They started their project »Helle Bauer« with his father-in-law in Anna’s home region. While his father-in-law restores the buildings and the infrastructure, Jasper and Anna work the land. Annas father is really engaged, therefore advancements in the farm happen really fast.

One of the main lessons Jasper say he has learned on his farm is starting small:

»I started with far too much, asparagus chickens and market garden.«

It was way too much for the start, so for now we left the asparagus aside. 

In the near future, they wish to intensify production in a regenerative way two hectares plot by incorporating a new »Kollege« into their farm – a cow, or if possible two.

Their shop not only sells a broad variety of products from the farm, but also incorporates produce from farmers in the locality and contributes to establishing farmer marketing linkages in the region.

How do they contribute to a better climate? 

Rotational grazing with chickens

Nearly 250 hens moved over the year through the pastures. They flatten the grass, creating mulch for keeping water and organisms in the ground, ensuring soil protection across the entire land.


Innovating in stacking functions on their small plot for intensifying production. Trees work the soil with their roots and from a higher strata they provide shade to sensitive horticulture crops.

Egg Mobile

Efficient egg collection system. Chickens can lay many more eggs if they have a happy life.

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