Wil & Lisan Sturkenboom | Fruittuin van West

Wil & Lisan Sturkenboom

Wil & Lisan Sturkenboom
Fruittuin van West

Amsterdam, Netherlands


16 hectares

Type of farm

Fruit orchard


40 different fruit and vegetables

Sales channels

Direct marketing

Contact information

How it started

Wil established Fruittuin Van West because he was keen to start a sustainable farm near his beloved Amsterdam.

However, acquiring land is often challenging in an inaccessible and competitive land market. With great determination, Wil applied for support at multiple city councils. Four out of five councils were willing to support Wil’s endeavours.

The regenerative transition

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry

Integrated pest control

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry


No-till /minimum till

No chemical inputs

Residue management Icon

Organic matter application

Transition start date


“Our dream: a company with a great diversity of industries that are all interrelated, close to the consumer whom we wanted to amaze with all the life on our farm. We wanted to create a place where the city and the countryside really come together!”

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