Lugar Da Terra

A family run farm, inspired by Ernst Götsch’s syntropic agriculture

Tânia & Job

Torres Vedras, Portugal


43 different vegetables




Tânia, Job and Julien are a little family that is doing market gardening on 5.000 m2.

Job and Tania used to be film makers and their agricultural journey began in 2011 with a documentary that they made about Ernst Gotsch and his Syntropic Agriculture in Portugal.

They were so inspired that they wanted to do regenerative farming themselves. So they visited Martin Crawford’s edible forest in England, met Sepp Holzer in Tamera and did an online PDC with Geoff Lawton.

Now they were ready to start their own little farm Lugar da Terra, just below Peniche on the Portuguese coast. Here they organize workshops, produce vegetables and offer advisory services in order to enable other people to create their own little ecosystems. Lugar da Terra is full of diversity and life and with your help they can extend their farm even further and can revive more now dead land.

This is how they describe their journey

We are a family of three, Job, Tânia and Julien and we are farming one acre of land (5000 m2) on the west coast of Portugal, 3 km away from the sea.

We started our journey as farmers after participating in the first workshop of Ernst Gotsch (Syntropic Farming) in Portugal in 2011. At the time, we were filmmakers making a documentary (“Abundance”) about his philosophy of work and decided to leave the camera on the tripod and start farming ourselves!

What we had learned, had changed our life completely and made us see what we really wanted to do with our life: farming and use our energy to grow our own food, regenerating the land.

During eight years and until July 2020 we have been developing the Food Forest of the charm hotel Areias do Seixo which we were happy and proud to start from scratch into the food forest that it has become today.

Along those years, we have studied and learned from the most important teachers in regenerative farming: Geoff Lawton, Sepp Holzer, Martin Crawford, Richard Perkins and many others.

We experimented ourselves many techniques and did trial and error until finding out what were the best methods for our climate and for our goals. Each day is a new adventure.

And now we are fully dedicated to our land, our homestead, where we aim to develop an extended Food Forest that incorporates the efficiency and productivity of the market garden principles and the integration of trees that produce food and organic matter to establish a healthy habitat for many species while producing food for our family and for our community.

We produce vegetables without pesticides, without gmo’s (genetically manipulated organisms), and on an no-till basis. We use locally produced compost for our annual beds, that allows us to direct seed and it works as a mulch layer, which implies little maintenance (weeding).

We plant a big diversity of vegetables and many flowers, this way the plants can grow together and help each other. Pollinators and other animals love this environment and help to bring balance to the system. Between the annual beds, we plant trees. As they grow, the biology in the soil changes and gets richer.

The trees produce leaves and woody material that we use to nourish the soil while producing food.

How they contribute to a better climate?

Plant diversity

By planting a variety of plants and and integrating trees in their farming system, they spread bio diversity in the area.

No till

By farming on no-till basis and by adding organic matter they store carbon in the soil.

Water harvesting

By creating several ponds on their land, Tania & Job are enhancing the water harvesting capability of the landscape.

What else is going on?

Regenerative agriculture demonstration side

Tania & Job have a demonstration site where people can come to learn and share knowledge about regenerative agriculture.

Geodesic dome

They built a geodesic dome where people can host courses and spend a night among the plants.

Music duo

Tania & Job are also musicians and even released an album: Cosie Cherie – Book of music

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