A beautiful inner city market garden

Alexander Friebe

Mönchengladbach, Germany


32 different vegetables




Zweimorgenland is a small-scale regenerative agriculture project owned by Alex. The inner city market garden can be found in Mönchengladbach, a city in the west of Germany.

How everything started

After finishing highschool Alex travelled through Canada. Here he met his wife Holly. Back in Germany he made numerous unsuccessful attempts to find meaning in other lines of work, ranging from social work to landscaping and construction. 

With the support of his wife, his family and his friends, in 2019 he took a leap of faith: He leased a 5000m² plot in Mönchengladbach, a town nearby where he grew up.

Since the age of 16 Alex had been obsessively reading about market gardening and regenerative agriculture. With little to no practical growing experience and financial resources, on a neglected, overgrown plot with no electricity or running water the chance of success seemed slim.

Now approaching his second season, Alex has built a loyal customer base and simple yet efficiant systems on his farm. With more experience and better planning – he says – he could have struggled less in his first season. However, Zwei Morgen Land demonstrates that you can make it work with a sincere desire to farm, hard work and a few good books.
We are looking forward to sharing Alex experience, struggles, techniques and systems in our acadamy. We hope this will enable others to get started. In Alex words: “It’s neceessary, it’s possible and very fullfilling.”

How do they contribute to a better climate? 

Nutrient density

Alex produces nutrient dense, clean vegetables without access to city water or electricity and under 10 liters of gas per month. He make a living doing this while regenerating the land he leases and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. This proves a critical point and he hopes to encourage others to start their own regenerative enterprise.

Seamless Crop Rotation

Seemless crop rotation is Alex goal. Every bed is constantly photosynthesizing, full of living roots, sequestering carbon and pumping it back into the soil. This supports a diverse soil food web providing numerous ecological services – undisturbed on his no till farm.

Mychorrhizal Network

Alex establishes a mycorrhizal network underground and constantly feeds it with organic matter. This builds top soil rapidly and mitigates the effects of future droughts, one of many ecological benefits of fungal communities in the soil. Alex wants to demonstrate a simple yet effective and profitable way to integrate fungi into market gardening.

What else is going on on the farm?

We »grow« farmers

Alex encourages and enables young people to start their own small, regenerative farming project.

Educator at the Climate Farmers academy

Alex is recording tutorials about regenerative agriculture at his farm, which he is sharing via the Climate Farmers Academy with our community.

Sunrise cut

Alex supplies local restaurants with a high quality, »cut at sunrise« – baby leaf mix. Thereby making a name for himself within Mönchengladbachs culinary scene.

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