Visionary adventurers on a mission
to scale regenerative agriculture

Philanthropic partners

Climate Farmers emerged with a simple yet bold idea:

To build the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe.

The unparalleled potential of regenerative agriculture to store carbon in the ground and restore healthy ecosystems, all while improving the livelihood of farmers must be brought to its full potential. We are developing a three-pronged approach to facilitate this transition through:

Gathering all available information

Gathering all available information on regenerative agriculture via an open community. Our experts review, qualify, and make the information available for farmers in the form of best-practices.

Measuring regenerative agriculture

Making the results of regenerative agriculture measurable and accessible. Our monitoring enables farmers and third-party stakeholders to assess the positive outcomes for soils, ecosystems and climate.

Developing financial instruments

To enable more farmers to take the step into regenerative agriculture, we develop financial instruments for the transition period. As a society, we must de-risk the change to regenerative practices and enable public payments for public goods.

Help us to systematically change the narrative around agriculture from the ground up.

If you’re interested in working with us as a farmer, agricultural expert, policy-maker, business, founder or simply as a supporter, please don’t hesitate to reach out.