Sell Carbon+ Credits

Get certified for Carbon+ as a farmer

What is a carbon+ credit

A financial instrument to de-risk your farm transition to a regenerative system

  • Carbon+ Credits are created by farming projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere by storing it in soil, as well as create additional benefits to ecosystems.
  • Additional ecological benefits include soil health, biodiversity, water quality, and ecosystem health as a whole.
  • Carbon+ Credits support farmers in financing their transition to regenerative agriculture by covering investment costs at the beginning of their project. A condition for Carbon+ Credits is a genuine personal commitment to the long-term application of regenerative land management practices.
  • Climate Farmers measures the changes in ecosystem health to enable farmers to sell high-quality Carbon+ Credits and through them, finance the transition to regenerative practices.

Regenerative Land Management

Enable the restoration of your ecosystem

Minimize soil disturbance & fertiliser application

Maximize Diversity

Keep the soil covered

Maintain living root year round

Integrate animals

Work within context


Regenerative agriculture goes far beyond carbon farming

Agriculture as regenerative actor

Agriculture is capable of combining food production with ecosystem regeneration and carbon capture. A potential that strengthens everyone.

Primary Benefit

High quality food production


long-term incentives for positive climate impact for farmers

Soil organic carbon capture

Amplified resilience against extreme weather

Soil health


Animal welfare

Better water quality & retention

Carbon+ Credits are for you if …

You share our vision of a regenerative future for agriculture in Europe

  • You are intrinsically motivated to actively research, learn and apply regenerative practices in the long run.
  • You have a farm or agricultural land in Europe.
  • You do not already cooperate with another organization for the same piece of land that accounts for your carbon sequestration and contribution to ecosystem health.
  • The field or fields you would enter into the program have a size of at least 50 ha.
  • You are willing to share your management practices and available soil data and consent for us to visit you to take soil samples and perform ecological monitoring.
  • You are willing to sign a contract to implement regenerative practices for a duration of at least 10 years.

What’s in it for you

How we ensure the highest quality criteria

Quality objective

1. Development of high quality project plan that leads to success of the project


Access to a wide range of consultancies that will help you to create a project plan that fits your specific context

2. Network of over 300 regenerative farmers in Europe


You will be able to exchange, communicate and evolve with farmers around you

3. Lower risk for you and highest marginin the market


You receive payments before implementing, don’t have to take soil tests beforehand and don’t lose anything to middlemen

4. Going beyond carbon. Monitoring of further ecological improvements besides soil organic carbon


You get access to feedback data from our monitoring on a range of ecosystem aspects

5. Further Benefits


Your work will be highlighted through a farm profile on our homepage, access to skill calls, contact with important stakeholders and companies, and joining the Climate Farmers journey

How you can generate carbon+ credits

The step-by-step process

Develop your Holistic Context and farm plan within the Climate Farmers Academy

Sign the legal agreement of implementing regenerative practices for at least 10 years

Provide data on management practices and soil tests (if available)

If necessary, Climate Farmers carries out additional measurements

Climate Farmers issues Carbon+ Credits. You receive a percentage of the projected carbon storage potential of the practices you’ve committed to upon sale of the Credits

You implement the planned activities

Climate Farmers monitors soil organic carbon stock and ecological changes per year and then reports this to you and the buyer of the Credits

You receive additional payments in the form of instalments paid after 3, 7, and 10 years upon successful implementation

If, at the end of the 10 year timeframe, you have captured more carbon than initially calculated, you have the possibility of selling additional Carbon+ Credits

Your responsibilities during the project period

A genuine commitment to implement regenerative practices

  • Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements on a local, regional and national level
  • Create a regenerative land management plan for the project period of 10 years with our consultants
  • Provide access to necessary information (e.g. land management practices, yield documentation, etc) and support us in annual testing on the fields.
  • Productivity of the project area must remain generally equal (i.e. shouldn’t be left fallow)

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