25. – 27. October 2022 | Farmers Castle, Southern Germany

Unifying the voice of the European regenerative agriculture movement

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Co-organised by


The food industry needs to undergo a fundamental shift towards regeneration. The only way we can achieve this is through systemic collaboration.

The 2nd Climate Farming Conference is a 3-day gathering for the grassroots leaders of the regenerative movement to meet, exchange & shape the future of regenerative agriculture with a unified voice.



Essential questions remain open. We need a united front to find answers and catalyse fundamental change in the agricultural sector.

How can we create a society which values the positive contributions of agriculture to ecosystems and climate?

How can we incite key stakeholders in the European food system to scale regenerative supply chains?

How can we positively instrumentalise the voluntary carbon market to scale regenerative agriculture?

How can we prioritise the move to regenerative agriculture in the implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?


Systemic change cannot take place in a scattered or fragmented setting. We need all stakeholders at the table.

Land stewards

An opportunity for you to unify your voice & influence policy decision-making

Policy leaders

Inform your agricultural governance by learning first-hand from the grassroot pioneers

Agricultural scientist

Bring your expertise to the table and inform new initiatives

Industry leaders

Meet & learn from potential partners in the regenerative agriculture space



Regenerative agriculture experts and practitioners


We believe the only way to frame the future of agriculture is with farmers at the forefront of the discussion.

We want your voice to be heard. If you’re a regenerative pioneer interested in attending but don’t have the resources to do so, we may be able to support you.

Farmers can apply for our farmers grants program. We will offer 50% or 75% ticket discounts to successful applicants. Researchers and other experts who are working for the non profit of impact fields can apply for our NGO grants. These are a 50% ticket discount.All grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis and allocated on the basis of the quality of the application but also on a first come first serve basis. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]


This isn’t your typical conference. Rather than a string of keynote speeches, the 2nd Climate Farming Conference will frame the future of regenerative agriculture through meaningful conversations & a highly participatory format.

Over the course of 3 days we will ignite collaboration between key stakeholders and find interdisciplinary answers to the most pressing challenges currently facing the regenerative movement.


Farmer tickets


Industry & Policy tickets


NGO, SME & Academia tickets


*Ticket prices include includes lunch & dinner during the conference.


The Climate Farming Conference will be held in the world’s only Farmers Castle.

A historical location, in which the declaration of peasant rights was written and signed by 400 Farmers representing 50 Countries in 2017.

The location will write history once again during our gathering as we forge the future of the European agri-food system.

The ticket price includes lunch and dinner for all three days but does not include accommodation. Once you have been confirmed as a participant, you can choose to stay in a hotel accommodation or in a private & hostel accommodation available in the surrounding village.



»We arrived at a magic castle in Germany, not just a castle, but one that symbolises the power of the farmer, and that’s what we all felt … It is not an easy task to agree on a manifest on the future of regenerative farming in a couple of days, but because we as a group saw that it is absolutely urgent, we were able to do the impossible. You might say that this manifest is our biggest achievement. But the biggest achievement in my point of view is that 70 strangers met for the first time and that these few days were enough to create lasting friendships and a network of professionals, one hundred percent ready to save the world.«

​​Louis De Jaeger
Participant of the Climate Farming Congress

The 1st Climate Farming Conference brought together the regenerative agriculture pioneers from 16 European countries. A highly participative gathering in which we built lasting relationships, exchanged ideas, unified the voice of land stewards & shaped the future of farming with the Regenerative Agriculture Manifesto.

Do you want to  join us as we gather to shape the future of regenerative agriculture in Europe?




Accommodation costs are not included in the ticket price for the conference.
The conference starts on the 25th October in the morning and will finish after a lunch together on the 27th. We, therefore, recommend arriving on Monday October 24th. After you have registered for the 2nd Climate Farming Conference, there are several accommodation options available in the surroundings of Kirchberg a.d. Jagst. You can find a list of available hotel options here and a list with private, hostel and camping accommodation options here. This map shows accommodation options and their location related to the Schloss Kirchberg.

If necessary, we are happy to arrange a shuttle service to the surrounding accommodations for a pick-up in the morning and a drop-off in the evening.


Arrival by car
Schloss Kirchberg is not far from the A6 motorway, Kirchberg exit. If you are staying at the Schloss Hotel, parking is available directly at the castle. However, please park only behind the castle and not in the front castle courtyard (fire department access road) The address for the navigation system is “Neuer Weg 8, 74592 Kirchberg an der Jagst”. This address will lead you to a public parking lot (Neuer Weg, with limited parking time). From there, drive through the gate into the Schlosspark and follow the signs for the Schlosshotel parking lot.

Conference guests have the option of unlimited parking in the parking lots “Am Hofgarten” and “Am Kreuzstein”. If required, a free shuttle to both parking lots is offered daily at the beginning and end of the conference. Please find a corresponding map with available free parking options here. Our commitment to a regenerative future for our food system begins with our own actions, so we encourage all participants to carpool. You can add your ride or look for one here.

Arrival by train
Schloss Kirchberg can best be reached from Crailsheim train station. From there, the bus will take you to the Kirchberg “Stern” stop, from where it is only a few minutes’ walk to the castle. If there are no buses at your arrival time, cabs are available at the station. Alternatively, you can contact us for a shuttle.

Arrival by plane
Schloss Kirchberg is located between the airports of Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The fastest way to reach us is from Nuremberg airport. From there it is a good 1 hour train ride to Crailsheim. From Stuttgart you will be travelling about 2 hours. Frankfurt airport can be reached by train in 3 hours. For the onward journey from Crailsheim station, please refer to the instructions for arrival by train.

Arrival by Bus
The nearest station for long-distance buses such as Flixbus, is in Wolpertshausen at the BESH Regional market (10 mins from Kirchberg) or alternatively in Stuttgart or Nürnberg.


About Hohenlohe region

Hohenlohe, the region in the north-east of Baden Württemberg, has remained a farming country. For centuries, agriculture, cattle and pig breeding dominated here, and 60 to 70 percent of Hohenlohe’s land is still used for agriculture.

Without farmers, the cultural landscape would no longer be intact. Herds of pigs and sheep tend the steep slopes along the Kocher, Jagst and their tributaries, young cattle from the Boeuf de Hohenlohe graze along the numerous river valleys, maintaining the flowering meadows. If you cycle across the Hohenlohe plain or hike through it, you will come across decorative Pfarrer-Mayer houses with the typical stone base and stately farms with magnificent farm gardens in the small villages. 

Contact us for more information about the area and activities to do such as hiking and biking options.


Conference catering will be provided by the organic restaurant at Schloss Kirchberg. The catering includes coffee breaks, lunch and dinner. These meals are covered by your ticket. Breakfast is not included. In the registration form you can indicate if you want to eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten- or lactose-free or if you have any other dietary requirements . Please also indicate if you have any allergies or intolerances.

If you have booked a room at the hotel Schloss Kirchberg, breakfast will be served at the Marstall dininghall from 7-10 am. If you stay at another accomodation, please make sure to book your stay with breakfast.


The conference venue Schloss Kirchberg has an elevator and a wheelchair ramp. There is a barrier-free washroom and toilet on the first floor. Barrier-free hotel rooms are available upon request.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us!