How Carbon+ Credits Support You in Your Regenerative Farm Transition

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22 Sep, 2022
— Arlene Barclay

Every day farmers meaningfully contribute to society. Whether it’s producing the food we eat, stewarding the land or mitigating the effects of extreme weather, the efforts of farmers are felt far beyond the field.

How, then, have we as a society regressed to one in which the majority of the population has no connection to the farmers who produce their food? One where volatile markets leave land stewards dependent on subsidies to produce food for others, all whilst struggling to feed themselves?

As farmers grapple with evermore challenges, including climate change, rising input costs, water scarcity and the war in Ukraine, it’s clear that we need to find solutions to these multiple crises & support farmers every step of the way.

Wherein lies a challenge also lies an opportunity. By utilising the voluntary carbon market to transition your farm to regenerative management, you can access the extra income you deserve, all whilst building a profitable, resilient & climate-positive business that stands the test of time.


Adopting regenerative management practices can unlock your land’s natural capacity to draw down carbon from the atmosphere and store it safely below your feet. While your participation in the carbon market centres around your land’s carbon capture potential, it also creates a ripple of beneficial outcomes that can be felt both on your farm and in your wallet.

Finance your transition to regenerative agriculture

Research has shown that farmers like you want to transition their farming operations to regenerative management. Initial investment costs are, however, holding you back.

This is where Carbon+ Credits come in. The transition phase is approximately 2-4 years. During this time, carbon certificates help you finance the costs of kickstarting your regenerative journey. After the transition phase, you will have created a profitable farm business in which you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Generate additional income

Carbon+ Credits present an opportunity for you to receive a much-needed financial reward for your invaluable efforts in stewarding ecosystems, safeguarding society & combating climate change.

Carbon+ Credits from regenerative agriculture can be thought of as any other crop you sell from your farm. And indeed, due to their high quality, they may well be one of the most profitable products harvested on your land.

Beyond that, though, regenerative farming is intrinsically good for your business. You can achieve the same yields at reduced costs, cancel the price of fertilisers and pesticides, increase yields during dry spells and receive more for your food products.


Access data on the ecosystem services you harvest

When a 1% increase in soil organic matter can lead to an additional 20,000 gallons of water per acre, and a single teaspoon of soil can hold up to 1 billion organisms, it’s hard to imagine just how much potential lies in your plot of land.

By participating in our Carbon+ Program, there’s no need to use your imagination. You will receive access to externally validated updates on the ecosystem services delivered by your farm. You can leverage this information to highlight just how much impact you’re delivering from the field to society at large.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded farmers

The challenges facing farmers are abundant and it’s no secret that agriculture can be an isolating industry. But the path doesn’t need to be walked alone. We offer you the opportunity to join a vibrant community of like-minded farmers on their journey to regeneration. Rather than taking the difficulties of farming on your shoulders, you can share your learnings, experiences and outcomes with an eager group of like-minded land stewards. In turn, you’ll be able to consolidate lasting relationships with a diverse network of regenerative pioneers, all whilst learning from real-world experiences and de-risking your transition.

Build climate resilience into the core of your farm

Agriculture depends on natural systems – natural systems that happen to be changing. As a result, farmers are at the mercy of the climate crisis we currently face. Building climate resilience into the core of your farm is crucial to carry on producing food and stewarding the land. Regenerative management provides an unprecedented opportunity to do just that.

Restoring your soil improves natural drainage, allowing for faster infiltration and water retention. Healthy soils act like a sponge, absorbing vast quantities of water in floods & storing it securely in times of drought. As a result, you can achieve higher yields in dry periods & mitigate the risk of flooding on-farm and downstream. 


The benefits of regenerative agriculture don’t stop at the farm gates. Indeed, participating in our Carbon+ Program allows you to generate additional income and climate-proof your farm, but there’s an abundance of positive outcomes you can harvest on your farm to the benefit of society as a whole.

Benefits if regenerative agriculture

Produce high-quality, nutrient-dense food

Healthy food starts with healthy soil. It’s no secret that conventional farming’s narrow focus on yields has led to a decline in the nutritional value of many crops. The food of today doesn’t have the same nutritional make-up as the food produced 50 years ago. But this doesn’t need to be the case.

What you put into the soil you get back in return. If you treat it with care, the food products you harvest will be able to thrive. 

As public health faces ever more diet-related crises, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, shedding light on the direct link between soil health and nutrition is an effective marketing tool for farmers and an opportunity to educate consumers on the importance of soil health from farm to fork.


Restore entire ecosystems

Even if we deployed all the big-tech carbon removal solutions at the speed & scale that’s required to combat climate change, we would still be left with floods, droughts, soil erosion and ecosystem collapse.

But there’s an easy solution that can address these multiple challenges simultaneously: supporting farmers like you transition to regenerative management.

By working in harmony with nature rather than against it, you can become an agent of climate leadership, safeguarding society from the worst effects of climate breakdown, mitigating extreme weather events, providing a haven for biodiversity to thrive and restoring entire ecosystems from the ground up.

You, as the farmer, are the biodiversity protector, the steward of the land, the food producer, and the ecosystem healer. As a result, the financial reward you receive through our Carbon+ Program reflects the enormity of your role in tackling these multiple challenges.


With your help, we can make sure the agricultural sector of tomorrow is one that regenerates rather than extracts, one that sequesters CO2 rather than emits it, and above all, one that rewards your positive contributions to ecosystems, climate and society as a whole.

Through our Carbon+ Program, we’re here to be your partner from start to finish in this process

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