Herberto Brunk | Herdade das Escravides de Baixo | 58 ha arable farm

Herberto Brunk

Herberto Brunk
Herdade das Escravides de Baixo

Assumar, Portugal


58 hectares

Type of farm



Grains, sunflowers, pumpkins, fava beans, some vegetables, ducks and geese

Social structure

Family run

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The regenerative transition

Climate Farmers Icon holistic grazing

No chemical inputs

No-till /minimum till


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Multi-species cover crops

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Transition start date

Necessary investment costs

  • Roller crimper
  • No-till planter
  • Cover crop seeds

Main practices previously
Tillage, fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, irrigation water.

New practices
Multi-species cover crops, no-till, crimping, no chemical inputs.

Drought, extreme weather conditions, few farmers practising regenerative agriculture in the area, and outdated equipment.

Learning about regeneration

How we collaborate

Herberto is utilising our Carbon+ Program to access financial support as he transitions his farm. He’s also learning continuously about the principles and practical implementation of regenerative management through the Climate Farmers Community.


“Climate Farmers talk to the farmers, they check on you, they listen to you, and they create a network for you. It’s a community, not just a company.”

– Herberto Brunk

Thoughts on the Carbon+ Program

“The financial support will be very useful. It’s an income I can count on. It will pay back my expenses for sewing a cover crop mix (100 eu/ha). Otherwise, it will also help with investing in new tools needed for regenerative farming.”

Planned additional practices
Organic matter application, residue management, no-till, rotational livestock grazing, and multi-species cover crops.

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