Learn to measure and track the health of your farm, business, and team

Measure the ecological, economic, and social health of your farm in a simple place and draw insights for future planning

Follow the guided 5 simple steps to create a personalized farm management strategy and monitor its efficacy

When? Open enrollment – course starts on June 8th

How much does it cost? EUR 150 – with the option to get 50% back, if you complete some basic requirements within the first 8 weeks of the program

What participants are saying

“The program was useful because it gave me new insights, better ways of designing and reviewing experiments, inspiration from other group members, more structure (and comparability) for our farm measurements.”

— Beate Samaras

“Creating our Unique Context gave huge clarity. I learned how to monitor in an efficient and structured way, and to see change in numbers instead of guessing or going by gut feeling. The different spreadsheets and templates make managing and planning much easier.”

— Felix Riecken

How the program works

With video explanation, worksheets, templates, and tutorials, you’ll be guided through the process of measurement, monitoring, and planning for your farm’s success.

In this program you can progress in two ways. You can follow along a path of completing one step per week. The live calls will guide you through the content and help you work out any uncertainties.

You can also move through the content at your own pace, completing tasks and exercises when you’re able to.

In both cases you’ll always be able to ask questions to the group and to the larger farmer community, request support from the facilitator, get assistance in matching with a specialist or consultant, and get recommendations for other complementary learning resources that are relevant to your focus.

All of the content and learning resources in the program are available at any time.

What you will learn

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for farmers in Europe who want to build a more complete understanding of the full health of their farm to guide effective management.

The program is also particularly relevant for farmers who want to communicate their progress easily and effectively with others both to share their learnings and convey value to your customers.

Course Outcomes

About the facilitator


Oliver Goshey is a small scale farmer, regenerative project designer, and watershed restoration specialist with experience in over 20 countries.

He has worked with clients and farmers around Europe to develop management strategies and optimize their operations for balanced health and success.

In his work with Climate Farmers he works with a growing community of farmers around Europe developing educational resources and support mechanisms in their transition to regenerative management of their land.

Oliver also hosts the Regenerative Skills Podcast promoting the information and actions that anyone can use to create a regenerative life.

Overview of the course content

Questions? Email Oliver at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the rebate work?

If you can complete the following tasks in the program within the first 8 weeks of the program we’ll refund half of your tuition.


  • Create a profile in the Farm Health Report Card tool
  • Enter all your baseline data
  • Complete the feedback form
How long does it take to complete the program?

There are a lot of different circumstances that could make the homework take more or less time, but on average we suggest you reserve 3-5 hours a week to complete the homework. 8 weeks – 3-5 hrs / week. Some tasks could take longer with larger teams, while some tasks can be spread between team members to save time.

Where can I find specific information on farming techniques and land management practices?

This program is not designed to teach you to farm. There are no farm practice tutorials or descriptions here. What we have instead is assistance in matching you to other learning resources that could be valuable to your farm goals. This might be connecting you with a consultant or agronomist for specialized or in-person assistance. This might include recommendations for online courses or in-person trainings for particular skills. It might be most useful for you to speak with the other farmers in the commuity to ask questions and get answers from others with experience. Whatever you need to improve your farm health, we’re here to help you find it.