Ruben Jorge

Ruben Jorge Farm 2

Ruben Jorge

Idanha-A-Nova, Portugal


52 hectares

Type of farm



Pistachios and chestnuts

Social structure


Sales channels

Markets and grocery stores

Contact information

The regenerative transition

Climate Farmers Icon holistic grazing

No chemical inputs

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry


No-till /minimum till

No harrow usage

Residue management Icon


Transition start date
May 2021

Necessary investments

  • Tree seeds

  • Mower / 20,000 €

How did you learn about regenerative agriculture?
Various books, articles, podcasts and workshops.

New practices
Mulching, residue management, reduced herbicide and fertiliser application, no harrow usage, and increased diversity of tree species.

Ruben Jorge Farm 1

The benefits of regenerative agriculture

 Farm profitability

  • 25% reduction in water use
  • Soil restoration remunerated
    through Carbon+ Credits.

Ecological benefits

  • 1.5% increase in organic matter

  • More noticeable presence of biodiversity

  • Reduced soil erosion and increased water retention

Social impact

  • Happiness in his job
  • Satisfaction when seeing the ecosystem improve

Further expected benefits

“I believe the future of agriculture and forestry lies partly in some sort of basic payment for good practices that benefit wider society.”

How we collaborate 

“Without economic incentives, we are limited to philanthropy and time-limited projects. We need to think long-term and act accordingly.”

Although Ruben is eager to embrace regenerative management, his efforts have been constrained by a lack of funding. He’s now utilising our Carbon+ Program to access additional income and overcome his challenges.

Planned additional practices
Cover crops, organic matter application, increased residue management, and agroforestry

Motivation to join the Carbon+ Program

“I believe the future of agriculture lies in true sustainability, which includes the economic as well as the social and environmental.”

How Ruben expects Climate Farmers to support his transition
With information, advice and funding

Earning estimates
Between 5,000€ – 15,000 € per year
(subject to carbon sequestration)

Do you want support for implementing regenerative agriculture?

Feel free to contact us via email or
schedule a call with Philippe.