Met Natuur Mee

A regenerative buffer farm

Sanne Beld

Haaksbergen, The Netherlands


7+ hectares


  • Lakenfelder cow meat
  • Husumer pig meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts & berries (future)





Met Natuur Mee was established to regeneratively unite nature and agriculture. Sanne believes that the undiscovered answer to many of today’s problems lies beneath our feet, in the soil. 

Out of love for nature, animals and people, she uses her knowledge and skills to show how we can make our landscapes flourish again. 


  • Holistic planned grazing
  • Silvopasture
  • Learning center
  • Integration of ponds

How everything started

After studying Forestry and Nature Management, Sanne became a forester at the Forestry Department. On the herb-rich grasslands in the east of the Netherlands, she was confronted with the decline of nature. She realised this is directly related to how we manage nature and produce our food.

”I strongly felt I had to contribute in some way, so I decided to quit my job and to start my own enterprise.’’ 

Sanne Beld

Through Allan Savory, she learned about the enormous potential of holistic planned grazing. Sanne felt like this knowledge was missing in the Netherlands, which led her to become a trainer at the Savory Institute. Now, she is sharing her knowledge with many, mainly young, people through her learning center. 

‘’I believe we don’t need less, but more farmers who work ‘with nature’, instead of against her. And this will only work if we do it together: the citizen, the farmer, the nature manager and the government.’’ 

Sanne Beld

Let’s look into other activities happening on the farm… 


Sanne closely cooperates with the Dutch Forestry Department and Wageningen University & Research.

She also works with an organic farmer closeby.

She hopes to move to a farm soon, where more people can get inspired by regenerative practices.

Learning center

Her learning center is mainly focused on young people and existing farmers that are interested in becoming regenerative farmers themselves. Sanne’s goal is to be a source of inspiration and knowledge. 

Through webinars, courses, social media, and farm visits, ‘Met Natuur Mee’ spreads the word and makes their important work visible.


About 1000 people follow the ‘Met Natuur Mee’ newsletter

Sanne has a regular customer base. At the moment, she has 80 customers that happily pay a premium price for her natural and animal-friendly raised meat.

How do they contribute to a better climate?

Holistic planned grazing

 Met Natuur Mee aims to draw attention to the potential of planned grazing to restore resilience and biodiversity. 

Sanne mainly uses the edges of nature reserves to build buffer zones for more resilience in the landscape. In this way, she connects nature and agriculture. 


The grazed animals are integrated with trees and forage, which makes it a beautiful silvopasture. Sanne will plant nut, fruit, and berry trees in the near future.

More trees, hedges, herb-rich meadows and mobile animals will create a thriving hotspot for biodiversity and real food.


Sanne uses ponds in the landscape to increase the water retention and biodiversity. 

The obvious indicators for a healthy ecosystem are an abundance of dung beetles, worms, insects, birds and other wildlife.

What would you like to tell farmers that wish to make the transition to regenerative agriculture?

‘’Get informed about holistic planned grazing! You will see that the health of the soil, animals and natural system as a whole will improve. And it’s definitely a game-changer for the farmers’ revenue model and happiness as well!”

Sanne Beld

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