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Sanne Beld

Sanne Beld
Met Natuur Mee

Haaksbergen, The Netherlands


7 hectares

Type of farm

Market garden


Pigs, cows, eggs, nuts, and berries.

Sales channels

Direct marketing

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How it started

Met Natuur Mee was established to unite nature and agriculture. Sanne believes that the undiscovered answer to many of today’s problems lies in the soil beneath our feet. Out of love for nature, animals and people, she uses her knowledge and skills to show how we can make our landscapes flourish again.

The regenerative transition

Better water quality & retention

Water management

Residue management Icon

Organic matter application

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry

Holistic livestock grazing

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry

No chemical inputs

Transition start date


‘’I believe we don’t need less, but more farmers who work ‘with nature’, instead of against her. And this will only work if we do it together: the citizen, the farmer, the nature manager and the government.’’

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