An agricultural project for friends, family and like-minded travellers

Anna & David, Thomas

Évora, Portugal


562 hectares


  • Black Alentejano breed pigs
  • Mertolenga Cattle
  • Merino sheep
  • Serpentina goats
  • Eggs
  • Chicken 
  • Vegetables





Located directly on the Portuguese side of Lake Alqueva, you will find this mystical estate of 562 hectares named after Mother Earth. The mission of Terramay is to create a well-balanced ecosystem with rich, fertile soil that produces nutrient-dense foods. Throughout this process, the environment and animals are treated with respect. 

‘’At this historical place, we want to develop a regenerative retreat rooted in respect for Mother Earth. Our purpose is to create symbiotic relationships between individual elements. Through the experiences at the farm and retreat, we hope to reconnect people with nature and our long-lost traditions.’’

Anna de Brito


  • CSA community and direct sales
  • Market garden
  • Agroforestry
  • Multi-species rotational grazing
  • Keyline design

How everything started

‘’Around the time we had our second child, I decided to quit my job as a digital consultant. I felt like I had to do something significant for the future of my children and mankind in general. We were confronted with the big problem of desertification in Portugal. I had to be part of the change.’’ 

David de Brito

During five years, David tried to learn as much as he could on regenerating landscapes. He followed courses, read books, and watched documentaries. He was strongly influenced by Allan Savory’s TEDx Talk on how to fight desertification and reverse climate change.

‘’I saw the possibilities. Then I just told myself that I would spend the rest of my life trying to fight desertification.’’ 

David de Brito

One big step on the family’s journey into regeneration was finding a property to make their dreams a reality. David’s best friend, Thomas, got interested in the topic along the way and decided to be part of the dream. After many trips to southern Portugal, they acquired their property in 2018. 



Let’s look into other activities happening on the farm… 

Animal welfare

The animals are treated with respect and gratitude. They are living on healthy pastures, in a stress and chemical-free ecosystem.


Terramay is currently developing their retreat. This experience will allow people to recharge their batteries, reconnect with nature and find inner balance.

Work ethics

The farmland team is treated with respect and care. Thomas and the ‘de Brito family’ create a healthy and safe working environment with fair wages.

How do they contribute to a better climate?

GMO and chemical-free

Growing nutritious, high-quality, and safe food is crucial for David & Anna. 

Their food is produced without genetically manipulated organisms and chemicals.

Regenerative practices

A wide variety of regenerative practices is applied to fight desertification, improve soil biology, and sequester carbon. 

Examples are:

– holistic animal grazing

– no-till farming 

– perennial cropping

– natural composting

Water management

The family facilitates the continuous protection and regeneration of their montado agroforestry system. 

A key component is water management. Implementing keyline design has allowed the couple to optimise the beneficial use of water resources.

What would you like to tell farmers that wish to make the transition to regenerative agriculture?

‘’Try things, even though people tell you it won’t be possible. Try to fail fast and learn as quickly as possible. Don’t be afraid of making errors, because that’s the only way to learn for real. Stay focused and just do it!’’ 

David de Brito 

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