Monte Do Carrascalão

Bernardo Marujo

Bernardo Marujo

Bernardo Marujo
Monte Do Carrascalão

Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal


300 hectares

Type of farm

Pastures with arable, livestock and agroforestry


Wheat, barley, oats, peas, sunflower, millet, cattle and sheep

The regenerative transition

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Cover crops

Climate Farmers Icon crops grey

AMP grazing

Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry


Residue management Icon

Organic matter application

Transition start date

Planned additional practices

AMP grazing, no-till, reduced chemical inputs and fossil fuels, increased cover crops and organic matter application.

Bernardo Marujo

How we collaborate

Bernardo is utilising our Carbon+ Program to advance the regeneration of his farm. He aims to increase the health of his ecosystem through the reduction of chemical inputs and fossil fuels, AMP grazing, organic matter application, increased cover crops, and no-till. In doing so, he’ll also be generating Carbon+ Credits.

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