La Llanassa

Josep Farré Sahún

Bernardo Marujo

Josep Farré Sahún
La Llanassa

Huesca, Spain


97 hectares

Type of farm



Oats and animals


Transition start date


The regenerative transition

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AMP grazing

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Direct sowing

No-till /minimum till

Minimum till

“I come from a traditional family of ranchers and I rented this farm 2 years ago to be able to implement regenerative livestock farming. Since then I have done activities not typical of the area such as direct sowing and rational grazing. I hope in a short time to make the farm sustainable on its own.”


“The main motivation is to create a livestock farm that improves the ecosystem in which it is located.”

Planned additional practices

No-till, cover crops, reduction of fossil fuel usage, increased AMP grazing, and organic matter application

Bernardo Marujo

How we collaborate

Josep is utilising our Carbon+ Program to transition his farm to regenerative management. He aims to implement a diverse range of new practices that will improve the agri-ecosystem, all whilst generating Carbon+ Credits.

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