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Francisco Alves

Francisco Alves

Francisco Alves
Porcus Natura

Ermida de São Luís da Mogueira, Portugal


700 hectares

Type of farm

Agroforestry and livestock


Alentejano pigs, cross Angus beef, sheep, goats and cork


Transition start date


Sales channels

Direct marketing, restaurants, & cooperatives

Contact information

The regenerative transition

‘’I felt that l I had to take care of this unique agricultural ecosystem. And I believe through regenerative agriculture we can act upon its recovery.”

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Cover crops

No-till /minimum till


Residue management Icon

AMP grazing

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Climate Farmers Icon Agroforestry

No chemical inputs

Regenerative outcomes

“Since I started applying regenerative techniques, I’ve increased the number and diversity of animal species on the farm, and my profits have increased. My soil health has improved dramatically, and I observe more biodiversity. I regularly welcome journalists and visitors and have started selling my products to butchers and chefs in Lisbon, including a Michelin-star restaurant.”

How we collaborate

Francisco is a long-time partner and friend of Climate Farmers. He was one of the first farmers to utilise our Carbon+ Program to advance the regeneration of his land. Through the program, he’s generating Carbon+ Credits for the additional regenerative techniques implemented on the farm.

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