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Bruno Tinoco

Bruno Tinoco
Alto Sano lda

Barrancos, Portugal


94 hectares

Type of farm


Social structure

Family run

The regenerative transition

Better water quality & retention

Water management

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Biodiversity habitat creation

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“I inherited this land from my grandfather. My mother and I would like to create a new productive ecosystem that resists drought and improves the landscape, capable of attracting more animal species and having plants and trees adapted to the climate and environment.”

– Bruno Tinoco

Transition start date

Necessary investment costs
Approximately €120,000 over 15 years. He invested in pond construction, tree planting, property maintenance, drip irrigation and more.

Main practices previously
Livestock farming on an extensive basis.

New practices
Agroforestry, construction of ponds and swales, preservation of biodiversity habitats, and more.

Drought and upfront investment.

Educational courses utilised
A permaculture course with Architect João Jorge in Colares – Sintra.

If you could share one piece of advice with farmers who are new to regenerative agriculture — what would it be?

“Start by studying your land well, creating a project, and experimenting on a small scale. Never give up because there will always be setbacks. Respect existing ecosystems as much as possible. Don’t attempt to transform that landscape too much, but rather improve it.”

How we collaborate

Bruno is utilising our Carbon+ Program to access financial support as he transitions his farm. He aims to implement no-till, cover crops, residue management and AMP grazing into his system. In doing so, he’ll be able to generate Carbon+ Credits.

Support from Climate Farmers will be an excellent help. We never managed to convince the state and community authorities of the benefits of good agricultural practices. As such, we never obtained any subsidies other than to maintain the territory.”

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