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Laura & Johannes

Laura & Johannes
Lebendiger Landbau

Schwerin, Germany


7 hectares

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Cultivation of more than 60 different vegetables, chickens, and eggs

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Direct marketing

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How it started

For Laura and Johannes, it was a long-desired step to start their own farm. Johannes studied organic farming near Berlin, where he specialised in agroforestry. He became fascinated by alternative farming systems, such as regenerative agriculture.

‘’So when we started the farm, it was more or less clear that we wanted to go in that direction.”

The regenerative transition

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No-till /minimum till

No chemical inputs

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Organic matter application

No-till /minimum till


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“We see ourselves as part of a change movement. We would like to show that agriculture in the 21st century does not necessarily have to be characterized by the idea of ​​maximizing profits without considering the ecological effects. We strive to bring the ecological, social and economic aspects into balance. This is the only way we can practice farming that will ensure that the generations after us are still alive and well – for us that means that it is suitable for our grandchildren.”

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